Githeat is a multifaceted programming challenge by IET on Campus BIT Mesra to bring out your skills in various domains.


Dabble in domains, you've never tried before. Learn by doing.


Motivate yourself by competing for that coveted place on the Leaderboard.


Find quirky and out of the box solutions to Challenges.


Not just by prizes, Githeat also rewards you by preparing you for your Internship and Placement season.

GITHeat Tracks

There are 3 Tracks. Involve yourself on any track that intersts you. New Challenges will be added regularly.

Pick - Solve - Submit

Machine Learning

Get along with the most 'IN' Technology of this decade and watch your machine grow smarter than you.

Competitive Programming

ICPC, Placement, Internships or just pure fun. This is the gateway to all of these.

Software Development

Good ol' Development is not going away anywhere. Solving this challenge will help you navigate through open source development to cracking placement Interviews, whichever floats your boat.


> git init
> git push


  • Make a new Repository and name it GITHeat2.0 so that we can access your repository as /GITHeat2.0
  • Make a Folder (name - your choice) on your local machine. For every Challenge there is a challenge code. Let us say, the first challenge code is ML-01. Then make a sub-folder with the name ML-01 inside this Local Folder. Same will be followed for every challenge.
  • After each challenge add, commit and push the whole folder to the repository. We'll check the submission after each challenge. Make sure each challenge has a file with neccessary instructions to run your code.
  • You can make changes after the deadline for that particular challenge has passed. It will be evaluated at the end. It's good to improve your existing code.
  • For Competitive coding. We'll put up a contest link and notify in Facebook. On the day of challenge head over to the contest and aim for the leaderboard.
  • The scores of all the 3 tracks will be added in the Leaderboard.


Exciting Prizes for Winners who make it to the top of Leaderboard. What if you are not on top? Well, tons of skills to flaunt and a confidence to crack Placement Interviews.

Githeat image
First Prize

Amazon Gift Card - Rs.1500 and Special Mentions at Website and Facebook Page

Second Prize

Amazon Gift Card worth Rs. 1000 and Special Mentions at Website and Facebook Page

Third Prize

Amazon Gift Card worth Rs. 500 and Special Mentions at Facebook Page and Website

Fourth & Fifth Prize

Special Mentions at Facebook Page and Website

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